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How Much Does Fiber Cement Siding Cost?

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Key Takeaways

Key PointsDetails
Average Installed Cost per Square Foot$6 – $15
Average Total Cost for a 2,000-2,500 SF Home$10,200 – $31,500
Popular BrandsAllura, GAF Weatherside, James Hardie, Nichiha
Main ProsFire resistant, long lifespan, high ROI
Main ConsExpensive, heavy, requires professional handling

Average Installed Cost Per Square Foot: $6 – $15

The cost to install fiber cement siding on a home ranges from $6 to $15 per square foot. The variation in price can be attributed to several factors including the type of fiber cement siding, labor costs, and additional materials.

Average Total Cost for a 2,000 – 2,500 SF Home: $10,200 – $31,500

For an average-sized home of 2,000 to 2,500 square feet, the total installation cost of fiber cement siding can range from $10,200 to $31,500. This wide range depends on the complexity of the installation, the quality of materials used, and regional labor rates.

Fiber Cement Siding Cost by Size

The cost of fiber cement siding varies by home size. Below is a table summarizing the costs for different home sizes:

Home Size (Square Feet)Approximate Siding Square FootageAverage Cost Installed
900720$4,300 – $10,800
1,000800$4,800 – $12,000
1,2001,000$6,000 – $15,000
1,5001,200$7,200 – $18,000
1,8001,500$9,000 – $22,500
2,0001,700$10,200 – $25,500
2,5002,100$12,600 – $31,500
3,0002,500$15,000 – $37,500
3,5002,900$17,400 – $43,500
4,0003,350$20,100 – $50,300
4,5003,800$22,800 – $57,000

Cost of Fiber Cement Siding by Type

The cost can vary significantly depending on the type of fiber cement siding. Below is a table detailing the prices by type:

Siding TypeAverage Material Cost per Square FootAverage Installed Cost per Square Foot
Panels$1.50 – $4.00$5.50 – $13.00
Planks$0.70 – $5.00$4.70 – $14.00
Shingles$2.50 – $6.50$6.50 – $15.50

Fiber Cement Planks

Planks are one of the most popular types of fiber cement siding due to their aesthetics and durability. They are available in a wide range of textures and colors to suit various architectural styles.

Fiber Cement Shingles

Shingles offer a traditional look, often used to replicate wooden shingles. This type is able to mimic the natural appearance of wood while providing superior durability and resistance to weather conditions.

Fiber Cement Panels

Panels are large sheets often used for modern architectural designs. They provide a sleek, contemporary look and are excellent for creating a seamless exterior appearance.

Fiber Cement Siding Cost Calculator

Calculating the cost of installing fiber cement siding involves considering both materials and labor. Below is a table summarizing these costs:

FactorAverage Cost per Square Foot
Materials$2 – $6
Labor$4 – $9
Total Installed Cost$6 – $15

Labor Cost to Install Fiber Cement Siding

Labor costs, which range from $4 to $9 per square foot, are a significant part of the total cost. This cost includes preparing the surface, installing the siding, and finishing it. Professional installation ensures that the siding is properly affixed and weatherproofed, increasing the siding’s lifespan and performance.

Fiber Cement Siding Maintenance

Maintenance for fiber cement siding includes regular cleaning and occasional repainting. While fiber cement siding is low-maintenance compared to wood siding, it still requires care to maintain its appearance and performance.

Fiber Cement Siding Brands

Several brands offer high-quality fiber cement siding. Here’s a table of some notable brands:

Siding BrandDetails / Warranty Info
AlluraFormerly CertainTeed
Heavier and thicker than other brands
Available at Menard’s and local lumber yards
50-year siding warranty / 15-year finish warranty
GAF WeathersideSpecializes in fiber cement siding shingles and shiplap profile siding
Sub-brands include Purity, Profile, and Emphasis
Available at Home Depot and Lowe’s
25-year limited warranty
James HardieHigh-quality, durable, fire-resistant
Uses different material formulations to best suit each climate
Available at Home Depot and Lowe’s
30-year siding warranty / 15-year finish warranty
NichihaJapanese company with residential and commercial applications
High durability due to the unique, dry-pressing manufacturing process
30-year siding warranty / 25-year trim warranty
WoodtoneRealistic wood look and ultra-embossed wood grains
Lap siding, shakes, panels, and trim
20-year product and finish warranty
American Fiber Cement CorporationOnly available for large commercial projects

Fiber Cement Siding Pros and Cons

Fiber cement siding has several advantages and disadvantages. Below is a table summarizing these points:

Suitable for all climates2 to 3 times more expensive than vinyl siding
“Class A” fire rating – ideal for areas prone to wildfiresRequires professional installation with multiple workers
70% to 85%+ return on investment (ROI)Very heavy at 2.5 pounds per square foot
Resistant to fire, moisture, warping, termites, UV rays, insects, rodents, impact, and rotRequires eye, nose, and mouth protection when cutting due to cancer-causing silica
Lasts 50 to 100 years when professionally installed and well maintainedCan crack if mishandled or when the building settles
15- to 30-year warranty from most brandsNot energy efficient
Wide color and style variety

Fiber Cement Siding vs. Vinyl and Other Materials

When comparing fiber cement siding to other materials, a few key differences stand out. Here’s a comparison table:

Siding TypeAverage Installed Cost per SF
Fiber Cement$6 – $15
Hardie Board$6 – $15
Aluminum$6 – $10
Stone Veneer$10 – $45
Vinyl$4 – $12
Wood$5 – $15
Cultured Stone$10 – $35
Brick$8 – $18
Stucco$3 – $9
Metal$6 – $16
Cedar$6 – $16
Log$5 – $15
Masonite$4 – $8

Fiber Cement Siding FAQs

What is Fiber Cement Siding?

Fiber cement siding is a durable building material made from a mixture of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers. It is designed to replicate the appearance of wood siding without the high maintenance requirements. Fiber cement siding is resistant to fire, insects, and weather damage, making it a popular choice for homeowners.

Does Fiber Cement Siding Increase Home Value?

Yes, fiber cement siding can increase a home’s value. According to industry studies, homeowners can expect a return on investment (ROI) of 70% to 85%+ when they install fiber cement siding. This high ROI is due to the material’s durability, aesthetic appeal, and low maintenance requirements.

Does Fiber Cement Siding Need to Be Painted?

Fiber cement siding does need to be painted, but it holds paint exceptionally well. Most manufacturers offer pre-painted options with warranties ranging from 15 to 30 years. If you choose unpainted siding or need to repaint it in the future, high-quality exterior paint can last between 7 to 15 years on fiber cement.

How Long Does it Take to Install Fiber Cement Siding?

The installation time for fiber cement siding depends on the home’s size and the project’s complexity. On average, it takes about 7 to 14 days to complete the installation for a standard 2,000 square foot house. This timeline includes removing old siding, preparing the surface, and installing the new fiber cement siding.

How Long Does Fiber Cement Siding Last?

Fiber cement siding can last between 50 to 100 years when properly installed and maintained. The longevity of fiber cement siding is one of its key advantages, offering excellent value for homes in various climates.

Getting Estimates from Fiber Cement Siding Installers

When hiring a professional to install fiber cement siding, obtaining multiple estimates can help ensure you get the best value. Look for experienced installers who offer detailed quotes breaking down materials, labor, and any additional costs.

Questions to Ask

When consulting with potential fiber cement siding installers, consider asking the following questions:

  • How long have you been installing fiber cement siding?
  • Can you provide references or examples of past work?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • What warranties do you offer on materials and labor?
  • How long will the installation process take?
  • What measures do you take to ensure a clean worksite?

By carefully considering these factors and costs, you can make an informed decision about installing fiber cement siding on your home.

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