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How Much Do Soundproof Windows Cost? (2024)

$550 – $2,000
Average Cost Per Window (Installed)
$450 – $1,500
New Glass Cost Per Window (Existing Frame)
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Key Takeaways

Average Cost (Installed)$550 – $2,000 per window
Cost for New Glass in Existing Frame$450 – $1,500 per window
Alternative Soundproofing Options$15 – $500 per window
Professional Installation Labor$100 – $800 per window
Factors Influencing CostWindow/glass type, frame material, labor, brand
BenefitsNoise reduction, improved energy efficiency
New soundproof windows installed in apartment downtown | How Much Do Soundproof Windows Cost?
New soundproof windows installed in apartment downtown | How Much Do Soundproof Windows Cost?

Understanding the typical soundproof windows cost is crucial for homeowners looking to reduce noise pollution and enhance the comfort of their living spaces. In this guide, we’ll explore the average costs associated with soundproof windows and what influences these expenses, helping you make an informed decision for your home improvement project.

Average Soundproof Windows Cost

Soundproof windows are an excellent investment for those seeking to reduce noise pollution in their homes. The cost can vary based on several factors, including the type of soundproofing method employed, the materials used, and labor.

TypeAverage Cost Per WindowDescription
Complete Replacement$550 – $2,000New glass and frame
Partial Replacement$450 – $1,500New glass installed in existing frame
Alternative Options$15 – $500 per optionFoam plugs, acoustic caulk, shutters, sound-dampening curtains, rolling shutters, or secondary glazing

Soundproof Windows Cost Factors

Understanding the factors that contribute to the overall soundproof windows cost will help in making an informed decision.

FactorAverage Cost Per Window
Window / Glass$350 – $1,000
Frame$100 – $500
Labor$100 – $800

Soundproof Window Cost Factor – Glass

Different types of glass contribute to the effectiveness and cost of soundproof windows.

Window Pane TypeDescriptionAverage Price
Acoustic Glass WindowTwo or more layers of laminated glass$350 – $450
Double-Pane WindowTwo panes of glass with a gas-filled spacer$350 – $600
Triple-Pane WindowThree panes of glass with a gas-filled spacer for added insulation$550 – $950
Laminated WindowMultiple sheets of glass with a plastic layer$950 – $1,000+

Soundproof Windows Cost Factors – Frame Material

The material of the window frame also plays a crucial role in the overall cost and performance of soundproof windows.

MaterialAverage Price Per WindowProsCons
Wood$100 – $350Weather resistant, eco-friendly, higher ROIHigher labor cost, higher maintenance
Aluminum$150 – $350Weather resistant, low maintenanceLess energy efficient, easy to dent
Vinyl$150 – $500Lower installation cost, low maintenanceLow durability, shorter lifespan (10 – 20 years)
windows inside modern condo
Soundproof windows installed in luxury condo downtown | How Much Do Soundproof Windows Cost?

Soundproof Window Cost Factor – Professional Installation

Professional installation is vital for ensuring the effectiveness of soundproof windows, and the labor cost varies based on the type of window.

Window TypeAverage Labor Cost Per Window
Standard Window$100 – $800
Oversized or Specialty Window$800 – $1,200

Soundproof Windows Cost by Brand

Several brands offer soundproof windows, and the cost varies depending on the brand and the specific features chosen.

BrandAverage Price Per WindowAverage Cost Per Window Installed
Andersen Windows$350 – $2,400$550 – $3,600
Milgard Windows$225 – $325$350 – $475
Soundproof Windows$500 – $1,200$600 – $2,000

Alternative Soundproofing Methods

If replacing windows entirely is not feasible, considering alternative soundproofing methods can be cost-effective.

Soundproofing MethodAverage Total Cost Per WindowDescription
Foam Plugs$25 – $75Sponge boards that fit into the window’s frame
Shutters$70 – $350Wooden or plastic panels on the window’s exterior
Sound-Dampening Curtains$20 – $400Thick material curtains for noise reduction
Roller Shutters$250 – $400Aluminum slats that roll down to cover the window
Secondary Glazing$120 – $340Installing another glass layer behind an existing one
Window Inserts$250 – $500Installed on the interior side of the existing window frame
Acoustic Caulk$15 – $100 total cost for all windowsSeals the outside and inside edges of window panes and frames
Andersen windows
Andersen’s Awning 100 Series windows offer good soundproofing options | How Much Do Soundproof Windows Cost?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Soundproof Windows Work?

Absolutely. Soundproof windows are designed to significantly reduce the amount of noise that enters a home. They utilize specialized glass and frame materials to block external sounds effectively.

Can Any Soundproofing Methods Block 100% Of The Noise?

No, it is impossible to block 100% of the noise with any soundproofing method. However, high-quality soundproof windows can significantly reduce noise levels, making interiors much quieter.

Are Soundproof Windows Energy Efficient?

Yes, soundproof windows are often more energy-efficient than standard windows. Features like laminated glass, low-E coatings, and well-built frames contribute to enhanced insulation and lower energy bills.

Laminated GlassBlocks 99% of UV rays, reducing heat and lowering AC costs
FramesPrevents air from entering or exiting, enhancing insulation
Low Emissivity (Low-E) GlassReflects energy, reducing the transfer of hot or cold air
SpacersSeparates glass panes and insulates edges, reducing heat transfer

Is It Better To Install New Soundproof Windows Or Soundproof Existing Windows?

Whether to install new soundproof windows or soundproof existing ones depends on various factors such as budget, noise levels, and existing window conditions. Installing new soundproof windows offers the greatest noise reduction but is more expensive. On the other hand, soundproofing existing windows with alternative methods can be cost-effective and still offer significant benefits.

Soundproof windows in new condo in New York | How Much Do Soundproof Windows Cost?
Soundproof windows in new condo in New York | How Much Do Soundproof Windows Cost?

Getting Quotes From Soundproof Window Installers

Questions To Ask

When getting quotes from soundproof window installers, it is important to ask the right questions to ensure you get the best service and value.

  • What types of soundproof windows do you offer?
  • Are your installers certified?
  • What is the average installation time?
  • Can you provide references or reviews from previous customers?
  • Do you offer any warranty on the windows and installation?
  • What kind of maintenance will these windows require?

By asking these questions, you can make an informed decision and choose the best option for your needs.

Soundproof windows can be a wise investment, offering multiple benefits beyond noise reduction, such as improved energy efficiency and added property value. Understanding all the key soundproof windows costs and options available, you can choose the best solution to create a quieter and more comfortable home environment.

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