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How Much Does a Window Glass Replacement Cost? (2024)

$3 - $12
Window Glass Replacement Cost Per Square Foot
$150 - $500
Total Window Glass Replacement Cost
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Key Takeaways

Key PointDetails
Cost Per Square Foot$3 – $12 (material only)
Total Window Glass Replacement Cost$150 – $500
Average National Cost$288
Factors Affecting CostType of glass, labor, emergency repair, window frame condition
Types of WindowsSingle Pane, Double Pane, Picture, Bay, Bow, etc.
Brand new window glass panes installed | How Much Does A Window Glass Replacement Cost?
Brand new window glass panes installed | How Much Does A Window Glass Replacement Cost?

Window Glass Replacement Cost

Window glass replacement costs can vary significantly based on several factors. Let’s break down the costs associated with different types of window replacements.

Window Glass Replacement Cost Estimator

TypePrice Range
Single Pane Window$50 – $200
Double Pane Window$100 – $800
Front Door$150 – $600
Patio Door$200 – $1,200
Sliding Glass Doors$250 – $600 per pane

Average Window Glass Replacement Cost

National Average Cost$288
Minimum Cost$100
Maximum Cost$1,000
Average Range$150 to $500

Broken Window Pane Replacement Cost

Cost To Replace Window Panes

TypeAverage Cost
Single Pane$50 – $200
Double Pane$100 – $800
Picture Window$300 – $1,000
Bay Window (3)$500 – $1,800
Bow Window (4–6)$1,200 – $3,000
Cracked home window glass | How Much Does A Window Glass Replacement Cost?
Cracked home window glass | How Much Does A Window Glass Replacement Cost?

Double-Pane Window Glass Replacement Cost

Replacing double-pane window glass involves higher costs than single-pane due to the complexity and insulation properties.

TypeAverage Cost
Single Hung$100 – $450
Double Hung$175 – $800
Sliding$150 – $600

Single-Pane Window Glass Replacement Cost

SizeAverage Cost
Up to 1 SF$50 – $80
More than 1 SF$100 – $200

Picture Window Glass Replacement Cost

SizeAverage Cost
2′ x 4′$150 – $400
4′ x 4′$250 – $550
5′ x 8′$400 – $1,000
8′ x 8′$600 – $1,500

Bay Window Glass Replacement Cost

Bay windows often feature three glass panels, and the cost reflects their complexity.

Bow Windows

Bow windows typically include four to six glass panels, making them more expensive to replace compared to standard windows.

Window Glass Replacement Costs

TypePrice Per Square Foot
Single Plate$2 – $7
Double-Glazed$6 – $12
Triple Pane$20 – $70
Tempered$8 – $30
Laminated / Insulated$10 – $25
Thermopane / Thermal$8 – $50
Acrylic$7 – $40
cracked home window glass with brand new frames
Cracked window glass panes | How Much Does A Window Glass Replacement Cost?

Plate Glass / Single-Glazed Window Glass

Single-glazed window glass, also known as plate glass, is the basic and least expensive type.

Double-Glazed Glass Panel Cost

Double-glazed glass provides better insulation compared to single-glazed glass, hence the higher price.

Tempered Glass Cost

TypePrice Per Square Foot
Single Pane$8 – $20
Double Pane$20 – $30

Triple-Pane Glass Cost

Triple-pane glass offers excellent insulation but comes at a premium cost.

Laminated Window Glass Prices

Laminated glass is an excellent choice for enhanced safety due to its shatter-resistant properties.

Thermal / Thermopane Window Glass Replacement Cost

Thermal, or thermopane, glass is designed to offer superior energy efficiency.

Acrylic Window Glass-Alternative Cost

Acrylic glass offers a lightweight and shatter-resistant alternative to traditional glass.

Low-E Replacement Glass Cost

Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass is highly efficient in reducing energy costs by regulating heat transfer.

Door Glass Replacement Costs

Door Glass Replacement Cost

Door TypeAverage Cost
Front Door$150 – $600
Sidelight$200 – $500
Patio Door$200 – $1,200
Sliding Doors$250 – $1,200
French Doors$200 – $500
Storm Doors$200 – $400
Shower Door$400 – $1,900

Front Door Glass Replacement Cost

Glass SizeAverage Cost
Small$150 – $300
Large / Complex$250 – $600

Sidelight Glass Replacement Cost

Sidelights, the narrow windows next to front doors, range in price based on complexity and size.

Replacement Glass For Sliding Door Cost

Sliding doors have a unique glass replacement challenge due to their large size.

Replacement Glass For French Doors Cost

French doors require specialized glass, impacting the cost.

Storm Door

Replacing glass in storm doors varies depending on the strength and type of glass used.

Glass Shower Door

Shower doors often require tempered glass, which drives the cost.

Glass Replacement Cost By Window Type

Glass Replacement Cost By Window Type

Window TypeAverage Cost
Storm Window$100 – $300
Glass Block Window$75 – $300
Casement Window$100 – $500+
Skylight$150 – $600
Commercial Window$500 – $2,000+

Storm Window Glass Replacement Cost

Storm windows require durable glass, making the cost higher than standard windows.

Glass Block Window Repair

Glass block windows offer a unique look and require specialized repair.

Casement Window Glass Replacement Cost

Casement windows hinge open, and their glass replacement requires specific expertise.

Skylight Glass Replacement Cost

Skylights provide natural light but replacing their glass can be costly due to accessibility.

Commercial Window Glass Replacement Cost

Commercial buildings often have larger windows, leading to higher replacement costs.

Brand new windows installed into existing frames | How Much Does A Window Glass Replacement Cost?
Brand new windows installed into existing frames | How Much Does A Window Glass Replacement Cost?

Home Window & Door Glass Repair Cost Factors

Labor & Glazier Prices

Labor costs for professional glaziers add to the total expense of window replacement.

Emergency Window Glass Repair

Emergency repairs necessitate higher costs due to the immediate service required.

Window Frame Repairs

The condition of the window frame also impacts the overall cost.

Reglaze Windows

Reglazing involves replacing the glass within the existing frame, which can be more cost-effective.

Glass Tinting

Tinting glass can offer additional energy savings but increases upfront costs.

Estimating Glass Replacement Costs

How To Measure Glass For Window Replacement

Proper measurement ensures the new glass fits perfectly.

Tools and Supplies

  • Tape Measure
  • Glass Cutter
  • Safety Gloves
  • Putty Knife

How To Replace Window Glass

Replacing window glass requires precision and appropriate tools.

Reasons To Replace A Glass Window Pane

When To Upgrade Window Panes

Consider replacing windows when they show signs of inefficiency or damage.

Upgrading to Energy Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient windows can lower energy bills and improve home comfort.

Window Glass Replacement FAQs

Can You Replace One Pane on a Double-Pane Window?

Yes, but it can be complex and might not always be cost-effective.

Is It Cheaper To Replace Glass or Whole Window?

Replace GlassReplace Whole Window
– Frame is intact– Frame is damaged or old
– Less than 20 years old– More than 15 years old
– No condensation damage– High energy bills

Can A Cracked Window Be Fixed?

Small cracks can be repaired; however, larger cracks may require full replacement.

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